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4 Ways to Prepare for the December Holidays that Everyone Hates, but Shouldn’t

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November is the time when people put away their Halloween decorations and prepare for Thanksgiving, but there are a few people who begin their December holiday preparations as well! Though it may seem ridiculous to many, the December holidays is the time of year of happy memories, delicious food, and family time, so why not look forward to it? In this week’s Laguna Place Blog, we’re going to share 4 ways to prepare for the December holidays that everyone hates, but shouldn’t! 

Holiday Music

After all the spooky Halloween movie has been removed from the stores, you’re bound to hear some December holiday music. It’s understandable that many people can get bored of the same old songs playing on repeat in stores, but holiday music is awesome! The trick is to find the songs that aren’t being played incessantly in stores or to find a fun cover by a band or artist you like! 


If you’re not on the December holiday excitement train, you may get annoyed by all of the movies popping up on your Netflix or Hulu recommended lists. These holiday movies may all be similar, but they all capture the idealistic elements of the holidays: family, friends, romance, and love! Cheesy or cliche as they may be, sometimes you need to embrace it and just enjoy it for what it is! 

Shopping for Presents

Shopping is arguably the worst way to prepare for the holidays, but it’s also necessary! If you’re the type of family to share presents, you’re not going to want to delay going out or online to shop for your family and friends. Shopping early allows you to skip the lines and gives you a better selection of things to get for your loved ones. All it takes is for you to get into the December holiday mindset a little early!

Decorating the Home

If you’ve just recently put away your Halloween decorations, the last thing on your mind would be to decorate your home for the impending December festivities, but you should be excited for it! It’s not as though you’re putting up fake cobwebs and carved pumpkins, you’re putting up stockings and wreaths. Get jolly by bringing that holiday spirit in your home!


What do you do to prepare for the December Holidays? Share them with our Kissimmee, FL apartment community by leaving a comment!