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Basic Swimming Pool Safety Tips

a red-and-white buoy floating in a sparkling swimming pool

Summer is in full swing here in Kissimmee, FL and the Laguna Place Blog invites members of our apartment community to take advantage of our pool to stay cool this month. Safety is a given of course, and we know everyone strives to be courteous to others, but we thought it would be a good idea to review some basic pool safety. Practice these safety tips to ensure everyone has a great time at the pool. 


Follow basic pool rules.

It’s a big no-no to run in pool areas for a reason: slippery surfaces lead to slips, which bring on the bumps, bruises, scrapes, and other, even worse, side effects. Rinse off before you head into the pool to prevent adding dirt and grime to the water everyone is sharing. Wear appropriate swimwear so your everyday clothes don’t get ruined or caught in drains and outlets. Read and follow any posted rules and listen to lifeguards on duty, and always take plenty of restroom breaks.


Don’t swim alone.

Accidents happen. Even if you’re an experienced swimmer, they can happen to you. Taking a friend reduces the risk of injury or drowning. Not only can they help you in case of an emergency, they’re also around for you to have fun with. If you’re at the pool with children, you should also always be present and stay aware of where they are at all times, encouraging them to follow swimming safety rules.


Be conscious of others.

It’s easy to feel like the pool is your domain when you’re having a great time in it, but it’s important to remember that this space is for everyone to share. Stay aware of others and encourage children to stay out of other swimmers’ personal spaces, to avoid splashing when others are within the line of fire, and to speak politely when interacting with others.