Board Game Recommendations

Laguna Place Blog, Kissimmee, FL  Today, we share two board games to make your summer all the better. Enjoy playing Mysterium and 7 Wonders as part of your next game night.

Welcome back to the Laguna Place Blog! Today we’re sharing two board games for you to enjoy at your next game night: Mysterium and 7 Wonders. Whether you’re playing in your apartment or at a friend’s house in Kissimmee, FL, we hope you get a chance to play these great games.



“On a bleak night in December of 1894, tragedy struck the Count of Warwick’s manor in the highlands of Scotland. In the aftermath of a glittering party, a man-servant was found dead, and although the police declared his death accidental, rumors of foul play ran wild. Thirty years later, this unsolved mystery returns to light as a group of notable psychics converges on the Scottish manor in hopes of making contact with a restless ghost and bringing that spirit the peace it has so long been denied…


“...The tormented spirit cannot rest until you and your fellow psychics solve the mystery. Will you play as the ghost and lead the other players to the truth? Will you reach out to the other side of death and learn the secrets of a decades-old murder? Gaze into your crystal ball and reveal the secrets of Mysterium!”


7 Wonders

“Lead an ancient city as it rises to become a world power in 7 Wonders, a competitive civilization building game set in the ancient Mediterranean and designed by Antoine Bauza. You might fortify your city and assault your neighbors in search of military victory, create a haven for artisans, scientists, and philosophers, or focus your economy and profit from trade. You might even complete a magnificent architectural wonder that will fascinate mankind for eons to come and grant your city lasting renown. Every turn, you'll have a chance to add a building to your city, acquire coins, or construct another stage of your Wonder. Then you'll pass the cards to the next player, who may profit from your choices. With seven double-sided boards and over a hundred cards, 7 Wonders offers plentiful replayability and numberless paths to victory.”