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Keeping Cleaning Simple

A woman with cleaning supplies ready to clean her kitchen
Have you ever put off cleaning for so long that it takes you days to tidy up everything? With a few basic tips and a plan, you can cut your cleaning time down by over half. Laguna Place Blog has a few quick tips to help you speed through the cleaning of your apartment in Kissimmee, Florida, including how to approach each room and tackle each chore efficiently.

Before you begin cleaning you’ll want to get the right cleaning supplies. In addition to a broom and paper towels, grab plenty of garbage bags, an all-purpose cleaning spray, glass cleaner, vacuum, duster, and a few bins (an empty laundry basket will do just fine).

In the living room, first look for things that don’t belong in the room and place them in the empty container — this way, you won’t have to keep walking back and forth from room to room, putting things away. The couch comes next, followed by the coffee table or other furniture. With the couch, brush off the cushions and vacuum beneath and around them. Dust off the table, bookshelves, and lamps, then quickly vacuum the floor. This doesn’t have to be perfect, especially if you’re rushed for time.

When cleaning the bathroom, gather up the dirty towels into a hamper. Throw trash in your garbage bag. Then, use the disinfectant spray on the counters, sink, and bathtub, wiping them down with the paper towels. For a complete bathroom cleaning checklist, see this 11-step guide by Real Simple.

With the kitchen, begin the same way you did the living room, checking for items that don’t belong and setting them inside a container. After you’re done with that, clear off and wipe the countertops. Then check the sink and table for any dirty dishes and take care of those. Do a quick sweep and you’re done! If you have time, check the refrigerator for any expired foods (of course, this can be done in a deeper weekly cleaning).

We hope these ideas get you started on the right foot for the month. Share your cleaning tips with us by leaving a comment below!