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Recipes Inspired by our Favorite Movies

A kitchen with various food items

Do you ever find yourself watching a movie when all of a sudden you’re craving whatever it is on screen? We have! At Laguna Place, we’re so happy that we came across this great article by Saveur. Sure it was posted in August of 2010, but the meals are still relevant to this day. Check it out: “Great Recipes from Famous Movies.”

Here are our top picks from the list that we think you should make in your apartment in Kissimmee, FL.

Ratatouille from Ratatouille

“Traditionally, ratatouille is a French Provençal dish of stewed vegetables that, while tasting marvelous, often look somewhat muddy as the colors bleed together. Not so in the movie Ratatouille, where the dish is presented in Technicolor glory. Smitten Kitchen has created a ratatouille that is as beautiful and tasty as the one in the film.”

Boeuf à la Bourguignonne from Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia is the most-talked-about food movie in recent times, and at its center is Julia Child's classic boeuf à la bourguignonne. Although the Julie Powell blog, on which the movie was based, has long been taken down, other savvy food bloggers have taken hold of the dish and transformed it.”

Chocolate Sauce from Willy Wonka

“Sweets for the sweet, and a decadent end to a meal, this rich chocolate sauce is perfect drizzled over cake or ice cream — or, in Willy Wonka's case, used to captivate his audience.”

Italian Gnocchi from Mostly Martha

“In the movie Mostly Martha, two disparate personalities vie for control of the kitchen. But they agree on the making of gnocchi together, and from there a romance blooms. As Chef Martha says, ‘Gnocchi have to be prepared with great care, that's all. With gnocchi you have to take your time.’ Good advice to consider while making our recipe for gnocchi with brown butter and sage. We recommend you use real Parmigiano-Reggiano.”