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Seek Design Inspiration from these YouTubers

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One of our favorite ways to get inspired about apartment design is by watching videos of creativity come to life through YouTube. Tons of YouTubers dedicate their lives and professions to making your apartment dreams turn into realities. From keeping up on the latest design trends to offering simple ways to organize your apartment home, YouTube offers a fountain of knowledge that’s free for you to learn about. Join us as we learn from our favorite apartment-related content creators on YouTube.

Robeson Design

Rebecca Robeson has been known as one of YouTube’s most watched interior designers, and it’s no surprise as to why. Her channel and website are chocked full of great ideas when it comes to designing a luxurious living space.

Apartment Therapy

In their own words, Apartment Therapy is “saving the world, one room at a time.” They’re not kidding! We love the content they’ve released onto the internet, including playlists of house tours, how-to hacks, and organization tricks. If you’re looking for something apartment-related, they probably have a perfect video for you on their channel!

Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is a lifestyle brand which strives to approach life with a creative approach. Some of our favorite videos of theirs are about room makeovers, and they have plenty of those! If you’re looking for creative approaches to organizing your bedroom, decorating your apartment, or altering an IKEA dresser into something that looks like it came out of a steampunk graphic novel, Mr. Kate has great ideas you’ll want to check out.

Whether you’re living in Kissimmee, Florida or somewhere else, our Laguna Place team wishes you the best in your search for inspiration and creativity for your apartment home. Drop a comment about your favorite YouTubers in our comment section below. Thanks for reading. We hope you have a great month!