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Do you need a vacation but can’t really justify spending that type of money? Many of us feel the stresses of our lives and wish to get away, but aren’t able to due to financial or other constraints. We understand. Traveling outside of the United States or even outside Kissimmee, FL can get expensive, especially if you’re flying. In order to help you achieve some rest and relaxation without spending too much on airfare and other expenses, we’ve brought together a few reasons why a staycation should be part of your weekend plans. In this week’s Laguna Place Blog, you’ll learn some ways to make the most of your staycation. 


If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you’ll know the stress that can come from booking the right housing accommodations, especially if you’re on a budget. On a regular vacation, you would probably consider spending less money on your living experience so you can have more budget to spend on doing other fun activities. With a staycation, you don’t have to make that decision. Because you’re not spending a large amount of money on airfare, you can use some of that money to ensure that you’re living in style. Splurge on a hotel with a nice, comfortable bed and room accommodations that are meant to pamper you.  


Let’s be honest, you have your favorite spots and you don’t deviate from those very often. Since vacations are usually a time to be adventurous, you can break out of that comfortable shell and find some restaurants and food establishments that are new to you. Ask around for some recommendations and try them out! One of the best parts about a staycation is the fact that you can explore the city or state that you live in. It’s great!


When was the last time you did something fun in your local area? When you’re busy with full-time work or school, it’s easy to forget to do fun things! You’re also less likely to spend the money on a fun activity like going to a play, or treating yourself at the spa when you aren’t on a staycation. Pamper yourself a little and go do something fun.


It’s time to get out of your apartment and explore your city! Thanks for reading.