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Transform Your Workout Routine with Parkour

A boy jumping off of a fence, an outdoor table, and a wall
Imagine this: You’re running from a hungry lion. You hear the low hum of the lion’s roar in the background, its paws treading against the earth, your heart beating rapidly. There’s only a matter of seconds before it will reach you and you can’t help but imagine the sudden appearance of a jaw clenching your leg.

But wait. There’s a table ahead! Your thoughts race. You could go around the table, but why waste the time? The lion will be that much closer. So instead, you jump over it, land, and keep running. There are more tables in the way and jumping takes a lot of energy, so you use a Kong Vault — diving forward over the obstacles and pushing off the tops with both hands while tucking in your legs. You’ve now passed over the obstacle just as quickly, but you’ve made the movement more efficient and saved energy.

You run towards a rail, jumping over it as you place one arm down to propel your body sideways and guide its motion with your hand. You see a building with a low roof only thirteen feet high. You charge at it. Only a few feet away, you push off of the ground with your left foot and begin to run up the wall. Your body shoots up. You reach high with your hands and pull yourself over the top. You keep running along the rooftop and jump over a small gap. As you land, you notice the sound of silence. You’ve won. You’ve managed to outrun the lion.

Today, the Laguna Place Blog is focusing on Parkour. Parkour is first, moving from point A to point B in the fastest most efficient way possible (point A is your starting point, point B is your destination, and you want to choose the best path that will get you to your destination the fastest). Second, you are using your physical abilities and the surrounding environment to help get you through this path that you have chosen. As you saw from the example, the surrounding environment could be tables, bars, or even walls. You’re basically using your surroundings to your advantage.

Check out this video on First 5 Beginner Parkour Moves to learn things like the basic roll, safety vault, wall run, turn, vault, and precision jump. You can also check out Parkourpedia, an online resource to learn about Parkour, its history, and strength exercises.

If you’re looking for an entertaining video about people who shouldn’t be doing Parkour (or how not to do it), check out this clip from NBC’s show “The Office.”

We invite you to switch up your exercise routine with basic Parkour movements. Get out of your apartment and explore Kissimmee, Florida in a fun and exciting way. You don’t have to be training for your next obstacle course or be super fit to do well at Parkour. Just take a few simple steps and you’ll be moving smoothly and quickly to your next destination in no time.