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We Never Asked: What are your Goals for the Year?

an open notebook that is blank, resting upon a white table with a phone that is off, a laptop which is open, and a pair of reading spectacles

Write them down. Write what? Your goals of 2019. In today’s post of the Laguna Place Blog, we’re excited to take time to slow down and focus on what you're reaching for in 2019. What plans do you have before the summer season? Are you wanting to finish a major project or write a novel before the end of the year? If so, have you written your goal down on paper?

If you haven’t physically (or digitally) recorded your goals, take time now to do so. If you have recorded your goals for the year, take a moment to look over what you wrote. Whether you’re writing or looking back at what you wrote two months ago, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are my goals realistic?

  2. Can I plan to work toward my goals every day?

  3. How can I reward myself for reaching closer to my goals?

Let’s discuss these questions.

Be realistic.

When setting your goals and making plans for attaining them, think about how you’ll actually feel about these plans when the time comes to work at them. What will push you to reach your goal? Make the goal itself something you have a passion for working toward, something that’s manageable enough that the thought of working toward it doesn’t intimidate you out of going for it.

Adjust your routine.

As you’re planning how to accomplish your goal, remember that practice and consistency are key! An action isn’t really a habit or a change if you only do it once every so often. So make it a more natural part of your life by making small adjustments to your schedule to accommodate for working toward your goal.

Reward yourself.

Working on a new habit or a life change is difficult! Give yourself something to look forward to by treating yourself to something healthy, related to your goal, and a little bit out of your normal purchases every few milestones or so. This makes achieving different parts of your goal more exciting. In fact, it gives you permission to hype yourself up, which is important to do when it’s so easy to focus on how much you want to be better.

What habits, practices, mindsets, and other things have helped you keep and be successful in accomplishing your goals? Share your success stories with the rest of our Kissimmee, FL apartment community by leaving a comment!